Turkey Day 5K!

I love holiday traditions, and I hope this becomes one for us. We had so much fun at our first Thanksgiving Day 5K! We joined the other 12,000 runners at Turner Field and trotted our way through the 3.1 miles without stopping. It was so much fun! I want to do more!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Traffic was bad...I guess with 12,000 people there is going to be traffic.

We made it there in time!

There was also a half marathon going on at the same time..

We finished in 31 minutes.. We wanted to stay together the whole time. I was a few paces ahead of B for most of the race. When we got close to the finish line, he SPRINTED off to finish and beat me. Not fair. :)

The perfect start to Thanksgiving day!

Some of the half marathon runners going through Piedmont Park.


  1. We finished our last 5K in 32 minutes! What a fun tradition for you guys! :)

  2. Yay! So proud of you guys! Happy Turkey Day! Gobble Gobble.