toby's 1st birthday

Valentine's Day is not a huge deal to me, but it is nice to do something a little special.. We had planned on going to a dinner and a movie with the rest of Atlanta, but I ended up having to work late so it did not work out. That's okay though. Brian picked up our favorite dinner from Fresh to Order (one of my favorite places here!) and we snuggled up on the couch with dinner, red wine, and lovely mindless Monday night television. Perfection. And we got to spend the evening with our child dog who turned one today! Toby got to spend the day at his favorite place- Camp Bow Wow, where he received a happy birthday bandanna and a frozen yogurt treat! Needless to say, he is EXHAUSTED after playing for 8 hours straight. :)

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  1. What a life sweet Toby has! Camp Bow Wow! Happy Birthday Toby. So glad you guys have him to enjoy. Love you all! Dorothy