Warrior Dash

This weekend was quite eventful. Several months ago, my good friend Ashley had the great idea to run the Warrior Dash.. She didn't even have to convince me to do it with her! I jumped on the idea and was very excited about it! My sister was supposed to join our group, but that didn't work out. Sad. I realize how out of character this is for me when I tell people what I did, and they say, "That just doesn't sound like you." Well we did it! Ashley loved it. I didn't hate it. :) I have never been so dirty in my life. Swimming through muddy water, climbing over cars and trucks, pulling ourselves over hurdles and under walls sliding through mud, army crawling through muddy water under barbed wire, climbing over a wall with a rope... And then running 3 miles through a muddy trail... It was hard! I'm glad we did it.. We laughed a lot maybe I'll do it again...? I know you will, Ashley!!

Here we are! Ready to go!!

Ashley's mom and aunt came with us- first aid kits in hand as they cheered us along! Look how cute they are!

Climbing over this wall was probably the scariest for me.. We made it though!

Made it over the fire with no burns. Success!

We finished! Completely soaked and covered in mud!


  1. Allison, you and Ashley ROCK! Live on the edge and unpredictable!

  2. I'm very impressed- especially that Ashley's mom and aunt participated!

  3. You are an awesome friend! I actually think the hats look better on my mom and aunt than they did on us! haha!
    To next year... ;)