the past few days

It was a great 5 days in FL.. Got to spend a lot of time with all my family and some much needed beach time! Every day I was there. It was pretty great. I'm not ready for summer to end! It's going by too fast!

John & Silas

Silas loves the beach!

John & Tiffany

We went up to Flagler for fish tacos and homemade popsicles from The Hyppo! Natalie's boyfriend, Dan is friends with the owner of this shop. Flavors like champagne mango, pineapple cilantro, key lime.. so good. Natalie and I had to go back for seconds.

Silas & Natalie

The next night, Dad, Natalie and I went for a jog on the beach as the sun was setting. It was pretty great.

Then we came home and made these. Oh my goodness. They were so good. I've been wanting to bake these for a while.. But I waited until I was with my perfect baking partner, Natalie. As we baked we dreamed of opening our very own bakery in some charming city. Baking all day every day and creating darling tasty treats. That is our dream. Maybe one day...


  1. Those look delicious! :) Can't wait to live on the same coast as you and hang out with you more! :)

  2. SOOOO glad you had fun, I can't wait to hang at the beach sitting, talking to your mom.