HL Girls' Weekend!

I have this picture framed in our guest room... 

It's of all of the Hamilton Lakes girls at Thanksgiving in the Meadow in 2001! It is crazy to think that this was taken ten years ago. Even crazier to think we've been friends for 20-ish years.

Here we are this past weekend at our fall girls trip visiting Michelle in the quaint town of Sparta! 

It was the most relaxing weekend I've had away from home in a long time! Michelle was such a wonderful hostess.. She made her home so warm and inviting with fall decorations and delicious homemade food. We all experienced our first corn maze (seven acres of corn!), took a hay ride in the spirit of fall, and almost adopted 12 week lab puppies. Ginna, we will get Margie and Chauncey one day. Lots of talking, lots of laughter, and wonderful quality time with old, dear friends!  


  1. The leaf picture is my favorite! I loved having you here and I'm so glad you came!!! I can't wait to do it in ATL!

  2. Love love love this! Might be stealing that old pic for my blog! :)