Christmas in Ormond

We left Leesburg on Friday night and headed over to Ormond for Christmas with my side of the family. We were welcomed with taco soup for dinner and then watched home videos with Dan for the first time. Lots of laughs... "My heart, my heart!" 

Dan & Nat with Toby. 

We took both dogs to the dog beach on Saturday. Toby hadn't been to beach since his first visit as a puppy. He hated it then, so we thought we'd give it another try now that he was older. 

We were so excited that he liked the water! He wasn't actually swimming, but went a lot deeper than we expected him to go. Walter was so funny with all his jumps and splashes.

And then the waves from a boat came and ruined everything. So sad. Toby remains scared of the ocean. 

Things kept getting worse. My dad took Walter for a walk, and he sliced his paw in an oyster bed. Lots of blood. While we were all focusing on tending to Walter's wound, Silas jumped in the ocean with all of his clothes on. My dad carried Walter and Tiffany carried Silas (naked and wrapped in a towel), and we all headed home. Dog beach disaster. 

 With nine people in our family who have very different schedules, I was so thankful that it worked out for all  of us tobe together on Christmas Eve. Mom made Magu's manicotti we sat around playing games. Manna and Papa read Silas a Christmas Eve book before he went home that night.

Scott and Dad playing video games.

 John, Tiffany, and Silas on Christmas morning!

Our little family of three on Christmas day. It was 80 degrees that day!

This  was the last time I will see my parents until probably April. :( They are moving to Los Angeles in two weeks for fifteen months! I am so excited to visit them for spring break! I've never been to LA before!

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  1. It was a wonderful Christmas - even with the beach disaster with the dogs! And Toby was a joy to have! Thanks for all the delicious cookies- Dad really thanks you!