a lovely long weekend

Cheers! Carrie and Andrew came to visit!

We went to dinner at the Porter in Little 5 Points. The cozy atmosphere was quite perfect for a cold January night. A beer list of 430 beers was a little overwhelming though! 

The boys played video games and watched kung fu movies while Carrie and I discussed baby shower ideas (for Michelle's upcoming shower!!) and snuggled in bed with Toby, chatting about anti-aging wrinkle cream, ha! We drank coffee and ate scones before Brian left for work this morning. Andrew left to spend some time with his family who also live here, while Carrie and I sat in our pajamas on the couch until noon, flipping through decorating books and continuing to catch up on life.. It was wonderful! 

And then they left. And here I sit. Tissues, hot tea, and sweater boots. Yes, I have ANOTHER cold. This has been the year of sickness for me! There are so many sick people at work, and I sat in a 3 hour IEP meeting in my tiny office with a parent who was sneezing and blowing her nose. I guess it's that time of year? I'm thankful I don't have the stomach bug that is also going around!


  1. Oh! So relaxing! I'm about to post, and also look through your blogroll. Hope you feel better and thanks again for a lovely weekend! :)

  2. SO FUN! And this is random, but I need to see your coffee table! It looks like you have some good styling going on in that picture ;)

  3. I love this!!! I want to be sitting with you in my own sweater boots and hot tea - upper respiratory infection be damned. I miss you!