my pregnant friend came to visit!

My dear friend Michelle is 7 months pregnant, and she came for a weekend visit before little baby Reagan is born! Michelle is my first really close friend to be pregnant, so this is very exciting. I took full advantage of her being pregnant and made yummy food. I had sympathy cravings while she was here... We tested out these lemon raspberry cupcakes. I had thought about making them for her baby shower..They were good, but not amazing. We decided to go with Georgetown Cupcake's recipe for vanilla wedding cake cupcakes with vanilla buttercream instead. YUM. 

She arrived Friday night right before the terrible weather came to Atlanta! Luckily, we didn't get the worse of it.. But it was pretty serious. This is how we spent our Friday night. Watching the very serious weather man tell us to get away from windows. We thought of Mr. Clement. He would have loved it.

While watching the weather, we browsed pinterest and I remembered I had everything to make bunny bait! So we made it. You know, she was pregnant! We added extra sprinkles. Very tasty!

Then we made a list for the next day so we could go register for baby stuff! You should have heard us. We had no idea what to write on our list. Then we remembered really important items and were shouting     outthings like a stroller! a car seat! diapers! We really had no idea, but it was fun to not know together. :) 

Saturday morning we headed bright and early to Baby's R Us to start her very first registry. How exciting!
We began in the least crowded section: the stroller section. It was exciting but quite overwhelming. Umbrella? All terrain? Jogging? Transitional? Travel system? So many options!!

Then it got pretty fun.. She just started scanning. My job was to keep up with the list that Baby's R Us gave us. I didn't know what half the stuff was on the list. We got a little carried away scanning receiving blankets though... I think we ended up with 14. I never knew they were called receiving blankets.. What are you receiving? The baby?
We felt a little exhausted after this endeavor, so we headed to lunch and to get pedicures! After a couple hours in a massage chair and getting parenting advice from the nail salon ladies, we felt energized enough for the antique store. My favorite. It was quite successful. I found a bench for the guest room, we each ended up with bird cages (so exciting!), and Michelle got an awesome trunk for the foot of their bed. But she was most excited about this little antique high chair! Only $30! She plans on painting it.. All of the brightly colored plastic chairs at Baby's R Us were so unappealing, so this was the perfect find. Look how cute she is next to her little high chair! :)

It was a very successful day to say the least and so fun to spend the whole day together with the perfect amounts of relaxation and productivity. Sunday morning we sad goodbye... Brian helped take the high chair apart so it could fit in the trunk of her car. 

And we said goodbye to Michelle and baby Reagan... until we meet again at the BABY SHOWER!! Now I have to go run 10 miles. Sad. Two weeks till the half marathon!!!! 


  1. What a fun time for you and Michelle! I can hear the laughter now! I can't believe that you can run 10 miles!!! Way to go!

  2. I can't wait for "our" baby shower; fun, fun, fun! Life is moving along. Reagan, what a cute name for I'm sure a PRECIOUS baby!