a weekend with the old roomie!

I lived with Ginna the last two years of college and for a year in Maryland before I got married. She was the best roommate ever. Every Saturday morning, we'd wake up slowly with coffee, watch Gilmore Girls, go for a run, and explore different parts of our town.. We'd hit the Eastern Market, farmer's markets, downtown Silver Spring, shopping in Georgetown... We'd grocery shop and cook dinner for friends or bake something fabulous. I transitioned from living with Ginna to living with Brian. While I loved the first year of marriage more than anything, it was an adjustment to live with someone who had a different idea of how to spend the weekends... I've adjusted now, and Brian and I have a new weekend routine. But it was so fun having Ginna here this weekend and re-creating our old weekends together! 

She got here on Friday evening.. I always like to have the house really clean when we have company, but with Ginna, it didn't have to be perfect. It's like having a family member visit. :) We kicked off the weekend with homemade guacamole and enchiladas, and then hit the mall for tax free weekend! 

Saturday, we went to the Farmer's Market and got fruit and veggies for the week. 
Then we drove over to the Suwanee Greenway for a 4 mile run. Have I mentioned that I'm training for a FULL marathon? I was sort of roped into doing it... Our friend Christen asked Ginna and I if we wanted to run a full with her. I must have missed something in the email and just assumed that it was a half. I agreed only to find out later that they want to run a full! So we'll see how it goes. We're supposed to run the Charleston marathon in January. I'm on board so far.. training is going well, but we have a long way to go.
Then, the crafting began. We are throwing a wedding shower for our friend, Emily in two weeks. We spent most of the day on Saturday and that night until midnight working on decorations and watching classic movies like "Steel Magnolias." It was delightful.
We took a break that afternoon to run over to my favorite antique store. We both walked away with a few treasures! I fell in love with this antique 1920's-1930's lamp. I'm pretty sure Dorothy has one in her house somewhere, and I've always admired it. It came with a shade, but I'm going to replace it. I don't have a spot for it right now, but one day I will.

I also got some old wooden crates! I love them in the corner of my kitchen. 
 they give some height to my basil plant.
 Toby still has enough space to look out the window. :)
 And one more for the top of the fridge. I love this one with the metal on the edges.
And then after waking up today to surprisingly cool weather (63 degrees!!), Brian cooked us breakfast, and we said goodbye. Thanks so much for making the drive down here, Ginna! It was so fun being roomies again! 


  1. What a sweet time together and I love your treasures- especially the lamp!

  2. Some how I will have to pull out the blue lamp. It sure looked good in your picture! Maybe it needs an updated shade. Glad ya'll had a great weekend. It makes me miss your momma!

  3. love the lamp shade. love the crafting in expectation of emily's shower. sad i will miss that. love this blog tribute to your ROOMATE =)