Scott's Antique Market

Ever since we moved to Atlanta three years ago I have wanted to go to Scott's Antique Market. It is only open once a month, and we seem to be out of town or busy the weekends that it has been open . This weekend, we had no plans, so my friend Kristin and I ventured down 285 to see what it was all about. I was SO excited about going that I dreamed about it the night before. I was searching for a coffee table and possibly an end table... After seeing the treasures in this first booth, I knew I had come to the right place. 
The only problem was the prices... Everything was so expensive. The white chair in the right corner of the picture was $1200. We ventured inside to the rest of the 3300 booths hoping to find a bargain.

I am slightly obsessed with the coffee table in this picture. I really love metal and wood together, and even though this one doesn't have wood, I love it. I like the bottom shelf and the crossed metal beams. I also think a glass coffee table can open up a room and make a space feel larger. This table is from Croft House and is $695.. too expensive.  I was hoping to find something similar in my price range at Scott's...
I like this one a lot. It was different than my dream table, but had similar lines and the wood and metal combination. No bottom shelf, and I wasn't so sure about the wheels, but I really liked it. The seller said "I can give it to you for $425." Still, too expensive!
We kept walking and saw a trend.. Beautiful furniture with large price tags. I liked this little end table, but not enough to buy it.. 
I liked this one too, and it was only $75, but I don't want another painted piece of furniture in our living room until we get a new coffee table. 
Even though I was unsuccessful finding what I was looking for, I'm glad we went! Maybe my expectations were a little too high... But now I know what Scott's Antique Market is all about! I did buy two sea fans for $8. Toby thought they were toys and kept barking at them.
Fall is finally in the air! We woke up this morning to temps in the high 50's.. Perfect running weather!! 

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