fall is in the air

We had a big cold front this past weekend, and we are loving the chill in the air! Toby is a huge fan of the cooler weather. He usually prefers to be indoors, but now he loves to lay in the grass and chew on sticks. :)

Brian's best friend Mike flew down from Bloomington for a long weekend visit! From what I saw, it looked like they had the perfect weekend together. Lots of video games, boy movies, junk food, and guitar strumming.
 I have added little touches of fall to our house to make it festive... Nothing big, just little touches.

Adding different colored dry beans to a trifle dish is such an inexpensive center piece. Thanks, pinterest! :)

I got these Chinese lanterns in the dry flower section at Whole Foods. I added them to what I had for a fall touch.
I am OBSESSED with these colorful stacking pumpkins! I stood in front of Home Depot arranging them, figuring out which ones would work best for my space. I could have gone crazy buying them, but I tried to keep it to a minimum.
This makes me happy to come home to!


  1. It makes me happy, too! And it inspires me to do a little fall decorating in our apartment and balcony!

  2. Oh i love the pink pumpkin! Where did you get that?