Grad school friends reunited

I have such fond memories of grad school. I loved it. I loved the friendships I made with my fellow future SLPs. It's so fun to reconnect with these girls every year. This year, we met without husbands and dogs at Lake Murray where Angie was house sitting and pet sitting for her mom. We spent two full days on the lake, and it was so fun!

Angie did a fabulous job driving and parking the boat!
 The dogs were so happy on the water. I loved this little spaniel. He was the softest dog.

Good old Marley.. One of Toby's best friends.
 Two days of sunshine on the water. So relaxing!

The last night, our friend Laurie came and spent the night too- she always has the best stories. I just love getting together with these girls. It's so refreshing!

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