Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Our incredible tears of joy turned into deep tears of sadness far too soon. Missing Owen with all my heart and longing for the day when we are reunited. With heavy hearts we honor Infant Loss Remembrance Day - a day we wanted nothing to do with. The pain is immense, yet worth it for every second of Owen's precious life. I am trying so very hard to see God's goodness. I'm thankful for our Father in heaven who has the whole world in His hands. He is strong and mighty and is holding my precious Owen in the same hands he holds me. I'm thankful for that. My heart is heavy for every parent who is experiencing the same ache. I pray that you feel hope and peace in the midst of your sadness. Today we remember all the babies who have left this world far to soon. 

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  1. I'd give anything if you didn't know anything about this day, too. Sometimes it's really really hard to see God's goodness . . . that's when you you stand on what you know about God through his Word- something you've been doing again and again and again. Praying for you and Brian and love you so much.