Book & Blanket drive in honor of Owen

In a little more than two months, we will celebrate Owen's first birthday. While this is not the type of celebration I had hoped for, we would still like to make it a special day and do something meaningful in honor of our sweet boy. We would like to host a Book & Blanket drive for the babies in the CICU at Egleston, and we'd love for you to join us! 
Books and blankets were two of the most special things to us during Owen's life. Reading to him created memories I will never forget. I remember which books were his favorites, his first, and his last. I love being reminded of Owen when I see his books in a store. 

Having our own personal blankets made the hospital feel so much more like home. I loved choosing which blanket would be his "bottom sheet" and which one he would be wrapped in each day. We were given so many books and blankets at baby showers, so we had plenty in our rotation each day. I would love to give other families memories and a little comfort of home in the midst of such tragedy. 

Blankets can be gently used or new. I will wash all of them before packaging them. If you would like to join us, you can mail items directly to us, and we will package and deliver them to Egleston at the end of February. Email us at if you would like our address. Thanks for the support you have shown us this year. Our hearts are heavy as we have entered the holiday season and approach Owen's birthday without him here. We are thankful for special ways like this one to continue to remember him and spread joy to others since he gave us so much joy in his short time.

**Update: Friends in the Gwinnett area, if you would like to drop items off locally, let me know. I have people who are available to collect items from you locally.


  1. What a beautiful idea to honor Owen. What a blessing!

  2. Love this and love you guys. Owen and his life continue to bless people everywhere.

  3. This is the sweetest idea, and I can't wait to participate. :)

  4. This is a wonderful way to honor Owen <3 I have been thinking of how to honor Theodore for his first birthday - it is not until June, so I have some time. He would be 6 months old tomorrow.
    I am struck by the pictures you posted of your sweet boy - how intently he is listening and watching as you read to him! He is so precious and adorable.
    Keeping your family in my prayers this Christmas.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I know you will find the perfect way to honor Theodore for his birthday. Missing him with you! xoxo