Craft Weekend at the Cabin

When my in-laws retired at their cabin in NC this summer, my sister-in-law, Joy Lynne thought it would be so fun to have a craft/sewing weekend in the fall. So she, her boys, and I drove up to the Asheville area, dropped off Truett with the Gosey's, and made it to the cabin for our relaxing weekend. I married into quite the crafty family. Lloyd and Susan can make anything. ANYTHING. Handmade quilts, furniture, pottery, clothes, the list goes on... When Brian and I moved into our apartment, Lloyd whipped out his tools and made us a box spring for our bed. I never doubt their ability to get things done. I am not nearly as crafty as my in-laws, but I do love to be creative, and Susan always has little projects in mind for me which I love. This weekend it was a wool project that was really fun to make!

Stopping for dinner on the way. Jack is covered in peas!
Jack hanging out in the sewing room with the girls
The wool project I made.. I plan to frame it and turn either hang it or turn it into some sort of tray.
We're hoping to make this an annual event!
Thanks, Susan for the wonderful meals and for your teaching us new projects! And thanks Lloyd for watching Jack so we could have a girls weekend!

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  1. Oh, what fun! Can I come to a crafty weekend? Sounds like a blast. Love your new project, maybe you can share it with us Clement girls. Love you.