Ginna's Wedding Shower!

This past week we have been snowed in. Atlanta got some crazy snow and work was called off for me for the entire week! It was great. I loved being at home, but I did get a little bit of cabin fever. I was so thankful for Ginna's shower to look forward to. My mom and Natalie drove up from FL, picked me up and we drove into Greensboro together. It felt like we were going home.
It was so much fun to celebrate the bride-to-be! We ate delicious food and showered her with gifts. It was so wonderful to be with old friends!

Ginna, the beautiful BRIDE!!!

happy shower day!
Ginna gave us aprons, embellished by Dorothy as hostess gifts!
the banner I made for the shower. It worked perfectly over those windows! I am grateful to my mother-in-law for giving me a sewing machine and teaching me how to sew!
I made this cupcake tower for my brother's wedding.. Used it again for Michelle's shower last spring, and now again for Ginna's!
So much fun! Congrats Ginna!


  1. Such a sweet shower! I only wish Illinois wasn't so far away and that I could have been there. Love and miss you girls SO MUCH!!

  2. I want to make cupcake towers and banners with you!! Maybe someday soon! :)