The most exciting thing happened! Our friends Julie and Josiah moved to Atlanta!!!! HOORAY! They LIVE here! It's only been a few weeks and we've already seen them a few times. This is probably the happiest thing that has happened in a while.. Today we met up at the Highland Bakery for brunch! I should have taken pictures of the food. It was fabulous. It always is!

I am SO happy Julie is here. We have big plans of crafting, cooking, and exploring the city together. The greatest thing is that we don't have to cram it all into a weekend visit! She LIVES here! :)

August has been a good month so far... I started back to work full time at school, and Brian got a promotion! He is very excited about his new position at work! We've been spending our evenings doing a lot of this...

...and hanging out with this little guy!

We are ready for fall! When Ginna mentioned pumpkin spice creamer last night, my heart skipped a beat.