the past few days

So for the past 5 days, my lovely sister Natalie has been visiting! She came through town with some friends on Tuesday and was dropped off at our house. She went to work with me and got to see what it's like to be an SLP in a private practice... When we weren't working, we were doing yoga, crafting, shopping, cooking, and eating! It was so much fun. And it got even better when my mom joined us Thursday night! Friday was a big day of antiquing and thrifting. We found lots of treasures! Our first stop was to one of my favorite places, One of a Kind Shoppe. Natalie got an awesome old birdcage, and I got an amazing GIANT oil painting! It was so huge that it took up the entire trunk, and the seats in my mom's civic had to be folded down. So for the rest of the day, this is how we rode around... So dangerous, I know... but we didn't want to go back home..

Toby was extra sweet with Natalie and Mom... He loved having them here and got lots of extra attention and love!

This one cracks me up. Toby's arm on my mom's leg.. Too funny.

On Saturday, we explored an area I had never been to... We headed to Westside/Home Park and ate lunch at Star Provisions. I highly recommend it. This whole area was full of charming boutiques, home furnishing stores, and fun restaurants. Definitely a fun area to visit!

And then today, we slept in, took our time waking up, drank our coffee, ate these muffins, and sewed placemats out of fabric Natalie and I found for her new house she's moving into this fall. It was definitely a full few days, but so much fun! Brian, Toby and I were sad to see them leave!

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