the kitchen

The kitchen is mostly put together.. I would still love to find two amazing upholstered chairs for the head of the table, but for now, this bench works just fine. I grew up with an old farm table, and I love the look and casual feel. I found this one on craigslist, and I love it! It's very narrow, but it works great in our space. The green bench is from an antique shop in Marietta. It was originally too tall for the table, but my handy father-in-law cut the legs down to the right size.

For Christmas last year, I got a Kitchen Aid mixer in pistachio green! It was the inspiration for the kitchen decor. You can barely see it in the corner on the counter. I use it all the time! I am really loving minty green right now.. I would love to redo the guest room in a mint/coral combo. I mentioned that to my sister, and she told me that she's decorating her bedroom in those colors at her new house! I guess it's "in" right now. :) So I found the rug at Urban Outfitters- it was a great price and the perfect color. You can see there's a lot of color going on in here.. I guess I'm making up for the lack of wall color!

Here's the hutch again. I love all of the natural light that comes through the glass doors. I found the curtains with my sister-in-law on super clearance at Restoration Hardware.. I love the gray color. The prints hanging on the wall are from Alicia Bock's shop on etsy. I love all of her shots.

I love the story of the mirror hanging on the wall... My mom has one identical to it that was given to her by her mom before she got married 29 years ago.. Fast forward 27 years- My mom was driving around and saw this mirror frame on the side of the road, picked it up, and gave it to me before I got married! Mine wasn't in as good of shape as hers.. It was completely black and looked like it had been in a fire. I spray painted it and had the mirror put in for $40. I love it!

So I mentioned we don't have a pantry or many cabinets.. This pot rack from Crate & Barrel has been a life saver. We thought we could live without a microwave, but we were wrong. This table (from the same antique shop that I got the bench) works perfectly for our space and gives the microwave a home!

I don't ever feel like a room is ever finished.. Maybe I inherited this from my mom who is always rearranging furniture and adding new items to rooms. After looking at these pictures, I am currently heading into the kitchen to change something around.. But this gives you a good idea of what it looks like for now! Come and visit! I'll make you something tasty!!

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