more house pics

I am proud to say that I successfully sewed curtains for the first time! Here they are hanging in my bedroom. Carrie and I went to Mary Jo's Fabric in Gastonia.. It is an overwhelming place, but has a wonderful selection of fabric! So this is our room!

And this is our guest room- We got the screen behind the bed in Asheville at some shop downtown. It works perfectly as a headboard.

And the living room! I love the wall color.. "glass slipper" by Benjamin Moore. It's a blue-ish gray, but has a very neutral feel. I think I like it better in person though. The tiles on the wall are from the Eastern Market in DC.

And just because he's so handsome.... had to include this one as well. :)

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  1. Very nice! Love the curtains, the headboard and all the shots of your place, looks really great.