goodbye kramer

Tonight, my mom called to tell me that Kramer had to be put down.. He had been declining for a while, and it all came to an end tonight. So sad. He was a very special dog and lived a good, full life.

I wasn't his favorite person because I dressed him in my old doll clothes when he was a puppy. And then I brought my big scary dog (Toby) to his house for holidays which he wasn't too fond of. He and my mom had a very special bond. She talked to him like he was a person, and he listened to her. These green chairs was his favorite spot. He and my mom fit in them together perfectly. 
The dog loved chocolate. One Christmas, he ate a whole pound of chocolate. And lived. The first year my parents decided Scott and Natalie were too old for Easter egg hunts, everyone was a little sad. While they were all at church, Kramer went into Scott's room and found his Easter basket full of candy. Instead of eating the chocolate (which he clearly loved), he took random pieces and left them in different areas of the house. When everyone got home from church, they kept finding pieces scattered about under tables and chairs.. my mom likes to say that Kramer gave them an Easter egg hunt. :)

Kramer was our first "real" pet to die. Our bunnies and hamsters don't really count... He will definitely be missed! 


  1. Such a sweet post- thanks Allison. I miss him so much. Thankful that Dorothy and Marshall are here to grieve with us.

  2. Oh Kramer! I haven't seen him in many years but I definitely won't forget the days I dog-sat for him! He didn't like me much either, but I chalk that up to the fact that my being there meant your mom wasn't! He SO loved your mom...and he lived a great long life! I'm happy I knew him.