highland games

Three years ago, Brian and I got married in Linville during the weekend of the Highland Games. I'll never forget driving from Westglow (after getting my hair done) to the church in Banner Elk and seeing mountain men in kilts along the drive. When our friends Jimmy and Christen asked if we wanted to drive up this year, it was only appropriate that we go! 
Brian said it felt like we were entering the world of Harry Potter. He was right.
The weather was interesting.. It started to rain, but it was still really bright. Hence the umbrella and sunglasses.

After the games, we drove down to King St. and walked around Boone, and then ate dinner at Woodlands. It was so wonderful to back in our old town! 

On Sunday, we took the dogs to the dog park and then had lunch at Amelie's in Charlotte. With all my trips to Charlotte, it's surprising that I had never been to Amelies before... So good. 

Then it was time to head back to Atlanta... Toby slept the entire ride back and is still recovering from so much excitement and activity. It was a great weekend trip with wonderful friends!

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  1. Aw! I wish I had known you were in Charlotte, I would have loved to see you!