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I have been busy these past several weeks! I have slacked off on my weekly posts... January and February flew by. Nothing huge has been going on with us... Just the usual work and school routine. With the marathon over, I've had extra time on the weekends for little projects that I'm very excited about. I can't share all of them now, but I'll give you a little glimpse as to what I've been up to. 

At the end of January, Ashley came to visit! It was just like old times being roommates.. She came after work on Friday, and we made dinner together, geeked out over speech therapy apps on the iPad together, discussed our new gluten free eating, baked GF chocolate chip cookies, watched a movie, and caught up on life until 2 am  It was perfect. I'm so excited about her new adventure as she moves to Asheville!
The next weekend, we decided to spend the afternoon with our nephews, Truett and Jack. We started off at the park and then went to the mall. We did all things fun. Threw coins in the fountain, went to the Disney store, rode the carousel, took pictures in the photo booth (a little crammed with all four of us!), had balloons made into a sword and Spider Man by a clown, and ate ice cream. It was so fun!

In February, Julie and I went to the YHL book signing! We waited for a while in the freezing cold, but it was fun to meet them and say hello. You can see the backs of our bodies on their blog entry here. It's the last photo posted. :)

On Valentine's Day, I had this cute cupcake in a jar waiting for me on my desk from one of my favorite students. I thought it was so cute. 
Valentine's weekend was a four day weekend for me! We had a furlough day at school and then a holiday on Monday. Kristin and I had a wonderful day in the city filled with shopping and brunch. I felt like I was on vacation. It was a beautiful day in Atlanta! We have had a TON of rain lately, so seeing the sunshine and the blue sky was a rarity. 
Frozen yogurt in IKEA! :)
My new favorite fabric store in Atlanta. I can't believe I didn't know about this store until now. Apparently, behind the store, there are sets for the Hunger Games. We totally forgot to sneak a peak!
 I wanted everything in this store...

Toby turned three on February 22nd. He's getting so big! 

Most of my free time lately has been devoted to making baby gifts and shower decorations for Natalie's showers I'm hosting next weekend. I will do a post on shower decorations another time, but I can show you a few baby gifts I've made! 

My new favorite project: Making appliques and sewing them onto onesies. Look how cute! A coworker bought six from me to give as gifts.
Here's a bird onesie I made for Julie's shower. I love the long legs. 
This one was for Julie also.. Josiah is a photographer, so I thought this was perfect. I love the chevron pattern. Old Navy is currently out of them, but I hope they get more in stock! I could literally make these all day every day. They make me so happy. I have other patterns made but can't show them yet... Some of my favorites I've made are actually for boys! I'm just as shocked as you are! 

Over Thanksgiving break, Ginna taught me how to crotchet granny squares! It was so mindless and fun, I decided to make a blanket to give Julie at her baby shower. Her nursery colors are coral and white with a touch of yellow, so those are the colors I chose. It took lots of hours, but I loved how it turned out! It looks so good in her nursery. 
And here we are at her shower yesterday! It was a sweet time celebrating Baby Morgan. I can't wait to meet her little baby girl this spring!! 
Brian's parents also came this weekend, but I did't take any pictures. We had a fun time hangign out with them yesterday... Susan introduced me to the rotary cutter. I am SO EXCITED. It is going to save me so much time as I work on banners for Natalie's wedding reception. 

It's a busy but fun time of year. I can't wait for spring weather and school to be OUT. Twelve more weeks until summer break! I think I can, I think I can.....

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  1. Ooohhh I like all the other onesies too!! I want to make some for all my prego friends. I seriously love mine, and my baby blanket!! What sweet gifts :)