Gainesville Shower (shower #2!)

Since I was already making the trip down to FL for the Ormond Beach shower, Natalie and I discussed going ahead and doing her bachelorette party/lingerie shower that same weekend. She and I drove straight to Gainesville from shower #1 and made it just in time.

Before the party, Natalie and her roommates/bridesmaids went to Dragonfly for sushi. The weather was perfect and we got a nice table outside. I forgot to take pictures at the restaurant! The sushi was fabulous. 

When we got back to Natalie's house, her roommates and I got food and drinks ready and everyone started trickling in. 

I loved how all of the decorations turned out! Since it was a smaller space, it really looked magical with everything hung. Everyone mingled while drinking peach sangria and eating and munching on snacks made by Natalie's roommates. 
The bride-to-be wearing her veil! 

After everyone arrived, we all jumped in the "photo booth" for pictures! Props were needed, of course.

The roommates! I just love them. They are so fun. 

And all the bridesmaids minus two! 

We played a game where everyone brought a pair of underwear that would remind Natalie of that person, and Natalie had to guess who brought what... If she got it wrong, Natalie had to put it on over her clothes. If she got it right, the girl who brought it had to put it on... It was hysterical. 
After the gifts, it turned into one big dance party. Let me tell you. These girls know how to have a good time. I haven't laughed this hard in so long. Oh my goodness. We had so much fun!! I felt like I was back in college again. So. Fun. 

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  1. What fun decorations for a FUN celebrations! You really should go into the business- I'd hire you in a minute!