Easter weekend

Spring is a rejuvenating season. I love updating our home decor to fit the season. Nothing major, just little changes to make everything feel fresh. 

I had a three day weekend over Easter weekend, so I invited Natalie to come for a visit. It was the perfect time to work on making wedding reception decorations! We also hit the mall not once but twice. We always have fun shopping together. I asked her if she was going to set her alarm on Saturday morning, but she requested that I let Toby in her room to wake her up. It's really the best way to wake up! 
We spent all day on Saturday watching Gilmore Girls, cutting fabric, and sewing. 
When I found out she was coming for Easter, I decided to make surprise Easter baskets for everyone! It was so fun putting them together.
I couldn't leave Toby out! He loves that stuffed bunny. It's so big, it drags on the floor when he carries it around. 

We went to church and then came back for a big lunch with Brian's parents, the Gosey's, and Brian's brother, Evan. I didn't get a group picture, but it was fun to enjoy a meal together! 
We usually get comments from people that we look nothing alike, but we thought in this picture, we actually looked pretty similar! Almost like sisters! :) Thanks for making the trip to visit, Natalie! 

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  1. Thankful that you all were together for Easter! Sounds like a fun time!