4th anniversary & a surprise!

I am happy to finally announce our big news! We are having a baby!! February 15th is the due date! We made it public last week, but I haven't mentioned it yet on the blog... So here we go! It's still hard to believe that this is actually happening, but we are so thankful and SO excited! This picture was taken right after I told Brian the news.
I found out the morning of June 13th... It was a Wednesday, and Brian was already at work. I didn't work that day, so I called Brian and told him I had errands to run over by his work and asked if he wanted to meet for lunch. The whole morning feels like a blur. I had to tell someone, so I called Natalie. We squealed over the phone, and I tried not to panic... Lots of thoughts go through your head when you find out you'll be raising a human... I was in such shock that I forgot to drink coffee that morning! This never happens. I went for a run, and then left to meet Brian. I couldn't stop smiling, but I tried to act as normal as possible. I dropped the news with no build up whatsoever. Right after we got our food, I flat out told him I was pregnant. He was in total shock. It still makes me laugh thinking about his reaction... We were in the middle of Five Guys (out of all places- we never go there!) He was of course excited, but I understood his shock.. I had had a few more hours to process the news. 
That night we went to dinner at Chow Baby. I thought the name was appropriate for our celebration. 
I didn't have (and still haven't had) and morning sickness or nausea at all. I consider myself blessed! It was really hard waiting for my first doctor's appointment because other than being extremely tired, I felt great! When I finally went to the doctor for my 8 week appointment on July 10th, I had a fear that they would tell me I wasn't really pregnant... I told my midwife, and she said, "Oh no, you're definitely very pregnant!" 
It was the day before we celebrated our fourth anniversary when we saw our baby for the first time. It was such a strange feeling, but amazing to see the baby's heartbeat flutter! 
Happy anniversary to us! Life will be drastically different when we celebrate next year. :)

So now, I'm in the middle of week 13. I am back at work full time and doing pretty well... My pants are starting to get tighter, but I'm not really showing yet... I'm in the in between stage with normal pants and flowy tops. I'm still running and exercising as often as I can, so hopefully I will keep that up. It's starting to feel more real as we slowly start collecting baby items... Here's what we have so far.
These are mostly little things that friends have sent us. I bought the crib sheet when I was in California with Kristin- it was my first baby purchase. :) I also bought an antique dresser last weekend to use as a changing table! I plan on painting it as soon as I can find the time. I have a vision for the baby's room and can't wait to see it slowly come together. 

Originally, I didn't want to find out the sex of the baby, but Brian did. The more I think about it, the more I want to know, and the fact that Brian wants to know makes me want to know more... So I think we'll end up finding out the gender around my 18 week appointment in the middle of September. I'm so excited!
It's been so fun slowly sharing the news with family and friends. Thanks so much for your excitement for us! We couldn't be happier!


  1. What a sweet and wonderful post with such sweet and wonderful words about your sweet and wonderful baby! Can't wait to add to your baby stash!

  2. So excited for you guys!!! You're lucky you had no morning sickness- what a blessing. I threw up every day until week 17. :) My two pieces of unsolicited advice: Register for a Miracle Blanket and Read "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" BEFORE you give birth. Haha. Congrats Congrats!! Love, Miriam, Chris and Alden Young

    1. Thanks, Miriam! And thanks for your advice!! :) Congrats to you on your sweet baby! Carrie showed me a picture- PRECIOUS!!