Labor Day Weekend 2013

I have been looking forward to this weekend ever since we got Doug and Katie's save the date card months ago. Their wedding was in DC, so we decided to make it a road trip with Jeff and Ginna! As it turns out, they had just bought their first house and closed the weekend before. We were their first house guests! 
We left from Raleigh on Saturday morning and headed to the city. Jeff was a great driver. It made the trip so much more fun- we entertained ourselves with travel games and laughing to tears while playing Mad Libs. :)
 We started out afternoon out at the Eastern Market, one of our favorite spots.

Since it was the weekend, they had tons of booths open. Ginna and I both found earrings at this spot.
 We always have to visit Capitol Hill Books... The same grumpy old man still owns it. Nothing has changed.
 It was an incredibly hot day. We headed to the mall and then to a couple museums to escape the heat.

After dinner on 14th Street, we drove to Georgetown! Another favorite spot.
Our intention was to get a cupcake at Georgetown Cupcake, but when we saw that Serendipity was now open, we couldn't resist a frozen hot chocolate on a hot August night.

After Georgetown, we drove to Leesburg, VA where we stayed for the wedding. On Sunday morning, Doug arranged a group run. This was his 400 something day running straight. He hadn't missed a day ever since he and Katie got engaged. It was the perfect way to start the wedding day! A group 3 mile run. It felt like a real race!
Ginna is the best running partner. I was happy I made it through the run... For some reason, I get really bad heartburn while running pregnant, but it's not unbearable...
\We took it easy that afternoon and even took a nap! Then it was off to Bluemont Vineyards for the wedding! We took a trolley ride to get there...
The ride there was little eventful. It got pretty crowded and was  little warm. The lady behind us started to hyperventilate and we had to pull over for her to leave. It was a little dramatic for a few minutes, but ended up being okay.

 The groom and best man!

Ginna and I were beyond excited to see Kareem. It had been way too long.
I'm so glad this dress zipped! It ended up working out pretty well for being 16 weeks pregnant... It was  lot looser when I bought it three weeks ago though.
 The Neels
 And the Hays! Congrats, guys!
The reception was really pretty.

When Ginna and I lived in Maryland five years ago, these were our people. We had countless events and celebrations together and made so many memories. Even though it had been almost three years since we had seen them, it felt as if no time had passed at all.  We still keep up with a running email chain that is like 6,000 some emails long. Such a great way to keep in touch!

It was such a fun weekend! We didn't want it to end! Congratulations, Doug and Katie!! 

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  1. Aww what a great recap! I love that picture of us walking on the streets... of course Brian's tall head was cut out. :)