the end of summer

We celebrated Labor Day weekend with Brian's parents at Lake Lanier. We were able to spend two full days at the water park and had perfect weather! Even though we were only 20 miles from home, it felt like we were on vacation. Our nephews Truett and Jack loved it and were great in the water! Thanks Lloyd and Susan for a very fun weekend! We loved spending time together as a family! 

Lloyd and Jack getting ready in the RV!

Jack was ready to go! Having a little hard time being patient sitting in the stroller...

Helping Mimi and Papa Lloyd with the sunscreen..

I think he felt he had waited long enough!

Truett and his hat

Still a little grumpy... love this face though.

The Goseys! Jack was screaming in the stroller. I only felt it was my "aunt duty" to document such events.

Truett & Brian

Ah! We finally made it! Sun was out, water was nice.. all is well! 

Mimi taught Jack how to kick the waves. He was so cute! 

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