a fun little project

We have a third bedroom in our house that we use as our music room/office. We love having this extra space to house all of our instruments! When we first moved in, this room was not a priority to decorate. But  found this idea on a blog and thought I'd give it a try...

You buy random frames, spray paint them, remove the glass, and cover the backs with fabric using spray adhesive. Then you print out photos, glue them onto foam board, and hot glue them onto the fabric. 

I love all the different fabrics all together. When I pass this room int he hall, it makes me happy. I already had all of the fabric, and got the frames at thrift stores, so it was very inexpensive! 

This is Toby's favorite room. He loves laying on the soft shag rug. Love his sweet face in this picture


  1. This looks so great!! I love the fabrics you chose. And I know another house who has that pillow ;) xoxo

  2. I love it!! My favorite picture is the one of your siblings--such a great one of Scott, Nat and John. :)

  3. Love the couch with the yellow pillows! :)