first cabin trip of the season!

We spent the weekend in the beloved town of Boone. Boone will always feel a little like home to me. It's a special place to me and Brian because it was the first town we ever lived in at the same time. We spent 3 years dating long distance until he transferred to App for our last 3 years in school. We did a lot of growing up there, got engaged there, and married. We also made some amazing friendships.. And here we are reunited with some of them for a weekend in the mountains! 

We stayed at 2 Cubs Cabin. It was not Purple Haze... Now we know. Stick with what you know is good. :) I love morning time on these trips.. Coffee, a porch with a view (some better than others), and yummy breakfast! 

Josh & Emily

me & Brian

the girls

Neels & Parkers

Classic Boone day. It just looks like Boone. 

The Days & Neels at the game! 

Some of us stuck around for a lap around Bass Lake. This is my most favorite place in the town. Lots of jogs happened here in college. Oh, and our engagement!

We spent Saturday touring campus and hanging out on King Street. Lunch at Our Daily Bread was delightful. 

It was a great weekend! I think we're all a little exhausted, but it was so nice to get away! Now back to work for everyone......

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