Happy Valentine's Day!

I made these in a hurry, but I really wanted to do something festive for Valentine's Day! I love an excuse to bake.. My mom told me today that she has no flour or sugar at their LA apartment and that it was such a good feeling. I can't imagine feeling that way! There is so much I love about baking. Maybe it's the instant gratification with a finished product. I love making yummy treats, and I love making them look pretty! 

 Toby sat close and watched me ice all of these cookies.. I had to give him a little bite. Not the whole cookie, just a bite. Don't hate me Michelle! 


  1. I hope you never lose your love for baking! I used to love it and maybe I will love it again after 15 months of no baking.

  2. You have such a "artful" touch! Keep at it. They look yummy and delicious; lucky Brian!

  3. I don't hate you, Al! Just don't make it a habit. :)