a lovely long weekend

We love long weekends, and we really love when friends come to visit.. especially with their dogs! Our friends Jimmy and Christen came down from Charlotte and were able to spend three days with us! They brought their adorable pup Poncho. Friday was sunny, so we took advantage of the weather and headed down to our favorite place. Piedmont Park. 

Toby and Poncho became instant friends. 

 Look how cute they are together! 

Park Tavern wasn't open while we were there (sad!), so we headed to Flip where we enjoyed gourmet burgers and best of all, milkshakes! Christen and I got the nutella and burnt marshmallow shake. YUM.
Fun car ride home! Toby insisted on sitting half in my lap, even though he was supposed to be in the back.

 When we weren't at dog parks, we spent our time together catching up on season two of Downton Abbey, and playing our new favorite game, Dominion.. and we may have dressed the dogs up a little.. In honor of Toby's birthday this week, we put party hats on the dogs which lead to hoodies, glasses, and a scarf. They were so tired from the dog park that day, they didn't budge! 

It was a great long weekend! We were sad to see Jimmy and Christen leave. Why can't we live in the same town as all of our friends? We're thankful we live close enough for weekend trips! 


  1. What darling pictures of the dogs! Glad you had a fun weekend.

  2. Those dogs are too funny. I'm not so sure Walter will agree to play dress up when you come!