January birthdays

I realize it's not January anymore, but I never got around to posting about all the birthdays we celebrated! Truett turned 4 at the very end of December.. here he is with Joy Lynne and his cookie cake, as he requested. 

Chris's birthday was on the 22nd..

We celebrated lasagna and amazing chocolate ganache-filled Star Wars cupcakes made by Joy Lynne. 

Susan and Jack shared a birthday on the 31st.. It was just two years ago that Joy Lynne practically went into labor with Jack at P.F. Changs, where we were eating for Susan's birthday dinner. She had been having contractions all day, but thought it wasn't a big deal.. We got to the restaurant, ordered.. When I saw Chris pressing on her back to relieve pain, I had a feeling it was coming pretty soon.. All of a sudden her contractions got much worse! We left in a HUGE hurry, and two hours later, Jack was born! Very memorable, indeed.

 I was excited about how this cake turned out. My cakes never look like this. I really want to take a decorating class!

I was so bummed that we couldn't make it down for Silas's monster birthday party! From pictures (which I borrowed from facebook), it looked pretty great. It feels like yesterday he was only 2!  

Look at this monster cake John made! I love it when my brothers call me for recipe help... makes me so happy. He figured it out on his own and did an amazing job! I am very impressed.

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