favorite day

I have been dying to meet Michelle's sweet baby ever since she was born 3 weeks ago! Our weekends have been busy, and I work most of the week, so it hasn't worked out until this past Monday. Ginna and I spent Sunday night at her parents' in Oak Ridge, and then drove up the mountain to Sparta to meet Reagan! 
 We were smitten! Look at how precious she is!!
 So sweet.. Look at those little slippers.

Carrie drove up from Charlotte to spend the day with us. We came with gifts in the form of meals!
We spent the whole day doing this. Sipping fruit tea, laughing together and holding Reagan.
Reagan is a really good baby. She really just sleeps and eats. She hardly ever cries! We needed her to be a little more entertaining, so we created some entertainment ourselves. I told Carrie to hold her up and show us the ruffles on the back of her skirt. :)
Then, when Michelle was changing her diaper, she showed us this little ruffle bathing suit she bought for her. I asked her if we could put her in it, so we played dress up! It was so fun!!

 One of Michelle's friends knitted this mermaid tail. :)
And then we decided to take a little walk. Michelle wrapped Reagan up in the sling, and I practiced baby wearing. So fun and cozy! I was concentrating really hard.. focusing and trying not to fall. I was probably the last person that should have been holding her, but we made it!
 Mmm.. fruit pizza!
Around 4:30, we started to say goodbye. The day flew by! I wish we could have stayed longer, and I really wish we lived closer! I'm thankful for this time with friends when no entertaining is needed to have a good time. It was so fun seeing Michelle as a mommy, and amazing to meet Reagan for the first time!


  1. Thanks for sharing and for making me smile. You always liked playing dress-up with your siblings! Reagan is SO beautiful!

  2. Oh my gosh, I can hear the giggles and belly laughs. What dear relationships you have. Whose house will have the next one??????