little cabin in the woods

We got to spend this past weekend up at Brian's parents' cabin in NC. It felt so wonderful to be back in the NC mountains. This time next year, the cabin probably won't look like this - it'll be in the middle of a major renovation and addition. We have so many happy memories here.
Friday evening we met Lloyd and Susan in downtown Asheville for dinner. After dinner we watched the drum circle for a while. So many people with their drums!
 Dogs weren't allowed, so Lloyd took Toby for coffee.
We saw this group performing on the streets and stopped for a listen. I was shocked how much the guy on the left resembles my brother John!!
From the side, he looked exactly like John.. Not as much from the front though.
Saturday afternoon we headed down to the River Arts district for a gallery crawl. We saw lots of cool pottery and paintings.  
We ate an amazing dinner at Early Girl and then headed back to the cabin to make a fire and roast smores!

Toby didn't get very close to the fire...
On Sunday, Brian and Lloyd worked on building Toby an elevated food and water holder. They worked on it in Lloyd's shop for several hours. 
It turned out great! I love the huge windows in the shop. I asked Lloyd if Susan was going to sew shop curtains and he looked at me with a very straight face and said, "There will be no curtains in the shop."
 Toby hung out all day on the porch. He loved the cool weather and all of the smells!
Now he won't have to bend all the way to the floor to eat. :) I'm going to paint it some sort of minty green or sea foam bluish color tomorrow! Thanks, Lloyd and Susan for a wonderful weekend at the cabin!

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  1. Looks like such a nice weekend. I love the bowl holder! Walter needs one- you know what long legs he has!