meeting baby blythe

Seth was one of my best friends in high school. He was basically like a brother. We thrived off of planning social events and coordinating activities with our friends on the weekends. We went to a teeny tiny private school where we were forced to be extremely close with our four other classmates and the surrounding classes. We were like a family. Katie was one of those surrounding classes... literally, meaning she was the entire first graduating class of Caldwell Academy. She and Seth developed a deep friendship in high school, started dating through college, and were married soon after. They welcomed their son Alden to the world over two years ago and now they are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl! 
Nancy "Blythe" was born on June 13th, four weeks early weighing 4lbs 5oz. I found out in an email from Seth two days later that Blythe has down syndrome. In Seth's email he said, "While this was certainly a surprise, we in no way consider it to be any degree of tragedy. We are so, so excited about our baby girl. She is truly precious." And it's so true. I had the honor of meeting Blythe for the first time on Sunday evening, and she is perfect. Seth and Katie are already amazing loving parents, and excited about the joy Blythe will bring to their lives in the years to come. 
Ginna and I were driving through Greensboro on our way home from our weekend in Virginia. David Apple (another high school friend) met us at the hospital too! We all were dying to meet Blythe and spend time with Seth and Katie.

As you can imagine, Seth and Katie are pretty exhausted from events in the past few days. Blythe will remain in the NICU until he is strong enough and eating on her own. It sounds like she is making fast progress though! We all went out for sushi that night, and it was so good to be with old friends. 
Even though it's been 9 years since we graduated, and I only see these guys once or twice a year, everything is still the same. The friendships are still there and that "family" connection is still real. I am thankful for these relationships. Congratulations Seth and Katie on your beautiful baby girl! Thanks so much for letting us celebrate with you guys! 

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