after the wedding

We stayed in St. Augustine an extra day after the wedding since it was Memorial Day weekend. It was so nice to have a beach day! The Clements and Brian's parents joined us at the beach. 
 The weather was perfect!
 Susan & Lloyd
 Munching on banana chips with Ginna... just like old times. :)
 The girls!

Hanging out before going out to dinner

 After dinner we stopped at the Hyppo for popsicles! Avocado coconut was my favorite!!
 My brother John hung out with us too!
 The fort at night is kind of fun.
We decorated the B&B with flowers from the wedding. The whole room smelled amazing. 
Brian and I loaded our car up with wedding gifts on Monday and drove to Amelia Island to drop them off with Dan and Natalie.  
We got to have lunch with the newlyweds.  :)
And made time for a little antiquing before jumping back in the car to head back to Atlanta. It was a whirlwind of a trip!

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