it's been a while!

I have to admit. Ever since I switched from google reader to bloglovin, I haven't kept as up to date on my blog.. Or reading blogs in general for that matter. I'm still upset that google reader will soon be no more. Also, I've been busy! The end of the school year was absolutely insane. But it is OVER! Hello summer break!

Natalie's wedding was the first thing on my agenda for summer. I was able to leave work three days early to get down to Ormond Beach on Tuesday evening to help with wedding preparations! We went straight to work with choosing props for the photo booth at the Dollar Store!
Our grandmothers' old hats were also perfect props! 
While Mom and Natalie worked on putting banners together, I went to work on the chalkboard signs! Chalkboard pens are the greatest thing ever.
On Wednesday, Natalie and I drove to St. Augustine to take care of last minute details with the vendors and wedding coordinator. the highlight of the day was having a Hyppo popsicle and coffee for breakfast! :) We experienced a torrential downpour trying to deliver the wreaths to the florist... I should have taken more pictures this day, but we were a little busy. Here Natalie is talking with the lighting guy, Jimmy. :)

That evening, two of Natalie's bridesmaids came to help! We spend the evening making pompoms for the photo booth while watching "The Wedding Planner." 
 On Thursday, we took a break and spent an hour at the beach! It was so nice to see the ocean! 
After the beach, we got right back to work. Natalie made the toffee for the welcome bags...
Brittany and Kerry stuffed welcome bags... 
And I ironed burlap!
Later that afternoon, Aunt Kathy and Aunt Norma arrived! Here they are loading the wedding dress in the car to take to St. Augustine. 
 On Friday morning, we were off to St. Augustine for the weekend! 
We met at The Floridian for a bridesmaids lunch. It was also Kathy's 60th birthday! What a fun celebration!  
After lunch, we headed to the nail salon. 
After that, it was time to get ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. These days flew by!

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