Wedding Day: the morning of

The morning of the wedding flew by so fast. It's kind of a blur now. Nat and I left our hotel to head to my parents' inn which conveniently was around the corner from the wedding and reception site. We stopped by The St. Francis Barracks (where the reception would be held) to check on the progress of everything before heading to breakfast. People were just beginning to hang things and decorate. 
I almost had a meltdown when I saw the condition of the pompoms after being transported to the reception. They looked horrible! Dad and I had to re-string them and re-puff them. In record time, I might add. But we did it.
Dad and I quickly walked to their B&B to meet Natalie and Mom who were having breakfast with Aunt Pat and Uncle Jamie. It was nice to sit, relax and enjoy a mimosa! While we were eating breakfast, we looked out the window and say Kathy and Norma cutting burlap.. They were such hard workers and good sports about everything! 
After breakfast, Aunt Pat and Uncle Jamie had Natalie and I come back to their room at the B&B so they could give us both a gift. Aunt Pat gave us her mother's silver which is absolutely gorgeous! She split it between the two of us. It is so special, and I absolutely love it!!
Aunt Pat and Uncle Jamie's wedding anniversary was the same day as Natalie and Dan's wedding. Since they share an anniversary, they gave Natalie and Dan a quilt that was given to them at their wedding from our great grandparents. It is a Wedding Ring quilt that was made by Grandmother Andrews, our great-great grandmother. What a special gift! 

From there, we headed back to the reception site for some last minute decorating details, and then to the salon to get our hair done. 

After hair and makeup, we went back to the St. Francis Inn where the rest of the bridesmaids joined us in getting ready. The photographer met us there and everything went into full swing! 


Watching Dan and Natalie's first look... from a distance.
 There she goes!

 First look! Almost married!

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