pregnancy: weeks 19-21

So here we are, full swing in the second trimester, and I'm starting to pop out a bit more! I finally feel like I look pregnant rather than like I ate too much... I had a boost of energy around week 20 that has lasted for the most part! I'm so thankful I don't feel as tired as before. I'm still running a few times a week and feeling good! At week 20, I ran four miles and felt amazing. It just depends on the day... I help with running club at school, so that keeps me going at least twice a week. I've been feeling lots of little pinches internally, so I know the baby is moving around in there... Still no kicks externally, but hopefully that'll come soon! 

19 weeks
 20 weeks (blurry!) 
 21 weeks
I have a shower coming up in the beginning of November, so we decided to go ahead and register for baby stuff.. It's a little overwhelming- so many choices! It's a little exciting too though. :)
I also completed the task of painting the dresser we got for the baby's room. I was waiting to choose a chair before deciding on the color I wanted to go with. The chair is a medium gray linen, so I decided to go lighter with the dresser. Here's a picture of the swatch of the chair fabric.
I used Annie Sloan's chalk paint for this project and absolutely fell in love with it. It's so easy! No priming needed, and it has a really nice shabby chic finish. 

I started out with a coat of Paris Grey. Then I mixed that with Pure White and Old White to come up with the top coat color. Once it was dry and waxed, I sanded a little around the edges so some of the darker grey color could be seen. 
 Here's the dresser before:

And after! I painted the handles the same color to give it the look I was going for.. It's similar to our wall color, but still lighter. I think it'll look great with a striped changing pad cover on top and pictures hanging on the wall. 
So things are starting to come together! I can't wait to make decisions about more of the details and get it really looking like a nursery. Every time I pass this room, I get more and more excited about our baby coming in just four months! We're over half way there!

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  1. You look beautiful! And so does the dresser! I can't wait to see you in a few weeks and see for myself how much your baby has grown!