quick visits with sweet friends

This past weekend, I drove to Charlotte for the annual Hamilton Lakes girls' weekend. I need to make it a new rule, that whenever I visit Charlotte, I stay for days because there are so many friends to visit! I wanted to stop at Mary Jo's to look for crib bedding fabric, so my fellow crafting friend, Christen met me there! She also has an etsy shop and wanted to look for some fabric! It was a short visit, but so fun to see her face!
If you've never been to Mary Jo's, you need to go! I ended up not finding the fabric I was looking for, so I didn't buy anything. I could have walked out with a ton, but I only had a short time to shop and didn't want to make any impulse purchases.
Once I got to Charlotte, I stopped to visit Nina and William! The last time I saw him, he was only weeks old. I love seeing my friends' children and them as parents. Will is just the happiest little guy. Just look at him.

He laid on his blanket and showed me his kicks. He has such a sweet demeanor. Pure happiness. I can't wait for baby Parker and William to become friends!

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  1. This makes me so happy!!! We loved our little visit and cannot wait to see you again soon. Will is working on more tricks :)