i love when friends come to visit!

This weekend we had our friends Carrie and Andrew come to stay with us for a night! They were only here for 24 hours, but it was so wonderful. They got here Friday night and we headed down the street for appetizers and wine with Joy Lynne and Chris. So fun. This morning I made Smitten Kitchen's baked french toast for breakfast! We took our time drinking coffee and slowly woke up.. Then we headed down to the Westside area for lunch at Taquera del Sol! We have heard such wonderful things about this place and have been wanting to give it a try. We met up with Julie (p.s. I really really love that we see each other so often now!) who stood in the extremely long line outside the restaurant to get us a table. Thanks Julie! We chatted over fish tacos and margaritas, walked around some super cute but quite expensive shops, and then headed back home! Carrie and I decided that since we didn't buy anything from Anthropologie, we'd get manicures. So the boys watched a kung fu movie and Carrie and I found a new nail salon really close that is wonderful and surprisingly cheap! We ended the evening with greek burgers and veggies.. Then with very full tummies, Carrie and Andrew headed home... back to Charlotte. Can't wait to see you guys again in 3 weeks!


The most exciting thing happened! Our friends Julie and Josiah moved to Atlanta!!!! HOORAY! They LIVE here! It's only been a few weeks and we've already seen them a few times. This is probably the happiest thing that has happened in a while.. Today we met up at the Highland Bakery for brunch! I should have taken pictures of the food. It was fabulous. It always is!

I am SO happy Julie is here. We have big plans of crafting, cooking, and exploring the city together. The greatest thing is that we don't have to cram it all into a weekend visit! She LIVES here! :)

August has been a good month so far... I started back to work full time at school, and Brian got a promotion! He is very excited about his new position at work! We've been spending our evenings doing a lot of this...

...and hanging out with this little guy!

We are ready for fall! When Ginna mentioned pumpkin spice creamer last night, my heart skipped a beat.