Owen's Life & Impact

If you would like to read our posts about Owen's life at Egleston, you can click here. We kept updates on Caring Bridge. It was a constant roller coaster, to say the least. Something I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Whenever I need encouragement, I read through the comments on the caring bridge posts. So many people prayed for Owen and for us. Friends, family, people we hadn't talked to in years, and even strangers. We can't thank you enough. We didn't have time to respond to individual comments, but please know that every single one was read, and we felt so supported, loved, and prayed for. We still do. 

Here are some of the testimonies of how Owen led others closer to Christ. These were read at his funeral. It's just a little glimpse of how his life impacted so many. 

“Precious Owen, in his short time here on earth, touched so many lives around the world in a very profound way. He called us all to "open our hearts" to love more deeply beyond our own immediate circle of family and friends. God surely used him as an instrument of healing and love in the world.”

“Owen changed a lot of lives, healed a lot of hearts and brought so many to their knees!”

“Owen has touched my family's life more than you know.”

“Owen's short life had a divine purpose and no doubt you will see more of that unfold in time.”

“Owen touched many lives while he was here. He helped me get a better perspective on what life is all about and how important family should be at all times.”

“Owen touched our hearts and renewed our faith.”

“Your Owen has touched more people than you know.”

“Owen was loved by many people who never got to meet him.”

“Your son made a huge impact on the faith and lives of hundreds of people, myself, and my prayer group included.”

“I thank Owen for pointing so many to the Lord in prayer and for his example of fighting the good fight with patience and perseverance.”

“I am glad to have met Mr. Owen Parker. He touched my heart as well as many others'.”

“Your dear son made a big impact on life. He united us and caused us to examine ourselves as we prayed and drew close to God.”

“Owen has touched all of our lives and that is a true blessing.”

“Owen was truly a warrior and he has changed our hearts forever. I believe that his short six weeks of life has made an impact on the lives of hundreds of people.”

“Little Owen was on this earth for a short time with love, hope, faith, and joy for many more than you know.”

“Owen will always be in my heart and I look forward to seeing him one day too.”

“Owen is such a precious gift and what a story he has.”

“He turned our hearts towards the Father.”

“Owen touched people you will never know about until heaven! “

“Owen will always be remembered as a little fighter.”

“I know that his story has and will be used to bring glory to God.”

“Many people were blessed by his little life and the opportunity to lift him up to the Father.”

“On the Mission trip this July, all I do will be dedicated to Owen, someone not many of us got to meet, but has touched hundreds of lives.”

“Whoever thought a little baby could truly touch so many!!”

“Baby Owen brought me to my knees praying to God. I don't think I can hope to accomplish in my lifetime what he did in 6 weeks. I will cherish the gift.”

“Your little Owen touched more lives in his short six weeks than most people do in a lifetime.”

“He brought many closer to the Lord & strengthened their faith in his short life.”

“He's made more of an impact in just six weeks of life than many do in their lifetime.”

“Owen's life and big personality will always be honored by those of us who had the privilege to pray for him. Thank you for sharing that gift.”

“Owen has already given us a story of courage, strength and abounding love. I pray that someday I will get to meet him face to face and he will be able to remind me how great God is.”

“Owen is a mighty warrior!! Like you said, he already has an amazing story to tell!!”

“I just want you to know that Owen's story really touched my heart. I never knew him...I never met him yet he impacted my life in ways that I could have never imagined. Owen was a fighter, he was a warrior.”

“Sweet Owen's life has made a huge impact on the Kingdom of God.”


  1. Hi Brian & Allison,

    My wife Silvia and I were recipients of one of the "Random Acts of Kindness" in honor of Owen. My wife and I are actually in the process of trying to have our first child and have had some complications. We were babysitting our friends kids both boy ages 5 & 7 and we stopped at the CVS close to Jones Bridge Road to rent a movie from RedBox. We used the act of kindness to rent 2 movies "The Muppet Movie" and "Spiderman 2", the boys loved them both. It was a nice teaching lesson for the boys and I found it very fitting that of all days we happen to have them with us and we rented kids movies. We appreciate your act of kindness and truly wish you peace of mind and heart. I will find a way to pass this act onto someone else, I'll let you know it goes.

    Great thanks and best wishes to you both,
    Miles & Silva Green

    1. Thanks so much for sharing! I love hearing your story and knowing that your day was a little better because of an act of kindness in honor of Owen. That was our hope!

  2. Hi Allison,
    My best friend Mary and I were recipients of "Random acts of Kindness and honor of Owen" tonight. We were having dinner at a local Italian restaurant in Jacksonville Florida and there was a nice couple sitting next to us. From listening to them talk with the waitress I got the impression that was their first time at the restaurant. The waitress was giving them the history of the restaurant and the neighborhood around the restaurant. I told the couple having grown up in the neighborhood it's always nice to history about the neighborhood that I've never heard before. After the couple finished their dinner the waitress brought them out some complimentary desserts which they asked the waitress to share with us. We thought that was very sweet and much appreciated. About five minutes after the couple left the waitress came back out and told us that the couple had paid for our dinner. She then proceeds to give us the random act of kindness in honor of Owen card that the couple had asked be given to us. The act itself was very much appreciated but the fact that they did it in honor of Owen touched me to the point of tears. When I got home I Googled your blog and read Owen's story. To find out today was actually his birthday made this random act of kindness even more special! What a special way to honor Owen on his 4th birthday. Can't wait to pass this act on to someone else.

    Praying for God to continue to bless you and your family.

    Sherry Ford