hello fall!

This weekend we had a low key weekend at home which was so nice! I spent Saturday organizing closets and switching out summer and fall stuff. It's so fun to enter a new season for the first time in our home. I have a lot more decorating options here than I did in our old apartment. Thanks to pinterest, I have been obsessed with yarn wrapped letters (which I made for my kitchen this summer) and yarn wreaths, so I thought a new season was the perfect time to make one! I found a tutorial and went to work. So much fun. I may make you one because I loved it so much. I need to not get carried away here.. Isn't it adorable?

first cabin trip of the season!

We spent the weekend in the beloved town of Boone. Boone will always feel a little like home to me. It's a special place to me and Brian because it was the first town we ever lived in at the same time. We spent 3 years dating long distance until he transferred to App for our last 3 years in school. We did a lot of growing up there, got engaged there, and married. We also made some amazing friendships.. And here we are reunited with some of them for a weekend in the mountains! 

We stayed at 2 Cubs Cabin. It was not Purple Haze... Now we know. Stick with what you know is good. :) I love morning time on these trips.. Coffee, a porch with a view (some better than others), and yummy breakfast! 

Josh & Emily

me & Brian

the girls

Neels & Parkers

Classic Boone day. It just looks like Boone. 

The Days & Neels at the game! 

Some of us stuck around for a lap around Bass Lake. This is my most favorite place in the town. Lots of jogs happened here in college. Oh, and our engagement!

We spent Saturday touring campus and hanging out on King Street. Lunch at Our Daily Bread was delightful. 

It was a great weekend! I think we're all a little exhausted, but it was so nice to get away! Now back to work for everyone......

Happy Birthday Ginna!!


I can't wait to drink pumpkin spice coffee and eat candy bar birthday cake with you TOMORROW!!! Have a FABULOUS day!!

happy birthday john!

Today is my brother John's 24th birthday! This is a true picture of our childhood. We were playing dress up together with Carrie at the ages of four and seven? Just a guess.. We were best buds when we were little, especially before Scott and Nat were born... I miss these days! Happy birthday, John! 

a day of exploring

I have been wanting to go to Scott Antique Market for months, but it has never worked out in our schedules since they are only open the second weekend of the month, nine months out of the year. Today Brian and I decided to head down to see what it was all about. We got to 285, but the traffic was horrific. Stopped cars for miles due to road work. Neither of us wanted to spend our precious Saturday sitting in traffic, so we changed our route and headed to midtown and Decatur to check out a couple of other antique shops we had heard good things about. It was such a fun day! 

Paris on Ponce was the first stop. We found some really cool pieces there.. My favorite was a desk made out of an old door.. I have thought about making a coffee table out of a door, but I loved it for a desk!

On our way to Decatur we stopped to get snow balls! These were DELICIOUS. Frosted shaved ice with a scoop of ice cream at the bottom. YUM. 

My favorite part was the hidden gummy bear inside! 

We made it to Decatur (which is where we want to live!) and stopped at Kudzu Antique Market. A little less furniture and more decorative pieces than Paris on Ponce. Very fun. 

 Sadly, we didn't come back with any treasures... We were looking for a cool outdoor table and chairs, but had no luck.. Maybe next month we'll make it to Scott Antique Market. 

We ended our little adventure with margaritas, chips, and salsa on the rooftop patio of La Fonda Latina. What a fun day!

a fun little project

We have a third bedroom in our house that we use as our music room/office. We love having this extra space to house all of our instruments! When we first moved in, this room was not a priority to decorate. But  found this idea on a blog and thought I'd give it a try...

You buy random frames, spray paint them, remove the glass, and cover the backs with fabric using spray adhesive. Then you print out photos, glue them onto foam board, and hot glue them onto the fabric. 

I love all the different fabrics all together. When I pass this room int he hall, it makes me happy. I already had all of the fabric, and got the frames at thrift stores, so it was very inexpensive! 

This is Toby's favorite room. He loves laying on the soft shag rug. Love his sweet face in this picture

the end of summer

We celebrated Labor Day weekend with Brian's parents at Lake Lanier. We were able to spend two full days at the water park and had perfect weather! Even though we were only 20 miles from home, it felt like we were on vacation. Our nephews Truett and Jack loved it and were great in the water! Thanks Lloyd and Susan for a very fun weekend! We loved spending time together as a family! 

Lloyd and Jack getting ready in the RV!

Jack was ready to go! Having a little hard time being patient sitting in the stroller...

Helping Mimi and Papa Lloyd with the sunscreen..

I think he felt he had waited long enough!

Truett and his hat

Still a little grumpy... love this face though.

The Goseys! Jack was screaming in the stroller. I only felt it was my "aunt duty" to document such events.

Truett & Brian

Ah! We finally made it! Sun was out, water was nice.. all is well! 

Mimi taught Jack how to kick the waves. He was so cute!