welcome to the world baby reagan!

Meet Reagan Gayle Tompkins. She was born May 29th at 10:44 pm, weighing 8lbs 10oz and 20"
long! Look how beautiful she is!! Michelle is my first close friend to have a baby, and it's killing me not being there! I can't wait to see Michelle as a mom and hold this precious baby girl. Congratulations Michelle and Aaron Ray! You are going to be wonderful parents!

first day of summer break

The last couple of weeks have been busy. Friday was the last day of school, and although I'll still be working part time, I feel a huge wave of relief for completing another school year. I am looking forward to having more free time during the day and spending time with my pup! Our Memorial Day weekend plans fell through, but we are enjoying this long relaxing weekend with nothing on our schedules. We're dog sitting for Joy Lynne and Chris, so we thought it would be fun to take all three dogs to Little Mulberry Park for a run and a picnic. So we did! It was a lovely afternoon.

Sunset Beach trip

We have been lucky enough to go on two beach trips in the past two 
months! This time we drove to Sunset Beach for a long weekend with our dear friends, the Neels and the Gregory's! 
Brian, Jimmy and Jeff used to live together in college, and have remained close. Jimmy and Christen got married last May, and she has quickly become a dear friend. Christen's grandmother owns this beach house, "The Calypso," and we were fortunate enough to use it before rental season began. It was perfect.
The best part was the huge sun deck! We woke up to an amazing view while sipping coffee and enjoyed the sun setting over the inlet while sipping cocktails. 

We spent all day Friday soaking up the sun on the beach. 

 Jimmy and Brian buried Jeff...
 Ginna fed him puppy chow.
 And then we attempted to turn them into a 3 headed mermaid. We laughed so hard. 
That night we grilled out and ate dinner and ate on the deck.

And then we had a couple big rounds of Dominion. Look at all of these expansions!
Saturday morning we rented bikes and rode from the jetty to the pier. This was my favorite part of the trip. So. Much. Fun.

Our bike gang name: The Calypso 6

We spent the second half of the day enjoying another great day on the beach. The weather was perfect this day too, and the water was warm enough for the guys to play in the ocean while the girls relaxed in beach chairs with books and our feet in the ocean. We went out for seafood and ice cream that night.
After dinner, the guys smoked pipes and cigars on the deck while the girls went for an evening bike ride on the beach. 
We headed home when it got dark and had a relaxed evening of crafting while listening to Rosemary Clooney and sipping margaritas. The guys got in some video game time. :) Sunday was dreary and rainy which made it a little easier to say goodbye. We all wished this trip could have been longer, and we're already talking about next year's trip. I'm so thankful for this group of friends and starting new traditions.


So I don't quite know what to do with my time in the evenings without baby shower decorations to work on! Life has been busy, but good. Our weekends lately have been filled with beach trips, a baby shower, and visits from friends and family. We've been busy, but it's been fun.

Friday night we met up with Ashley and her friend Tyler in midtown for dinner! Ashley has been in town for her high school reunion, so we're squeezing in as much hang out time as possible. Three years ago when we first moved here, we had lunch with these two at the park. It's fun to meet up again!

Saturday morning, I enjoyed my coffee while reading Bloom. It's so good. Everyone should read it. 
 Brian's parents came in town this weekend for Great Aunt Marguerite's 92nd birthday party! We gave her these beautiful hydrangeas. 
Look how cute she is! It was so fun to meet more extended family. Marguerite is Lloyd's mother's oldest sister, and she lives with her daughter Ruth and her family. We had a lovely dinner at their house in Alpharetta to celebrate the birthday.  
 Truett and Jack enjoying yummy chocolate cake!
 Ruth has a beautiful back yard with lots of honeysuckles! Jack didn't love the taste. 
Sunday morning I tried a new recipe for strawberry lemon scones. The original recipe uses orange zest and orange juice, but I used lemon. They were yummy! 
 After church, Brian, Lloyd, Susan and I went to downtown Buford for lunch at Ricco's World Kitchen. It was fun to try a new restaurant in a new area to us. 
Brian's lunch
 Then we went to my favorite antique store in Buford to look around for a bit. Lloyd and Susan bought me this adorable milk glass cake stand. I love it!
Ashley came to hang out more on Monday night after I got home from work! We went out to dinner and then to the mall for a little shopping... She had a little culture shock. Where she lives in Virginia, there are hardly any stores.. definitely no malls. It had been months since she had been inside an actual mall!
So fun 
 Toby couldn't resist.
 They're having a moment. Toby is teaching Ashley to become a dog person. :) She loves him deep down.