Graduation Day

Toby graduated from the intermediate puppy class today! This class was seriously one of the highlights of our week. Watching 4 dogs learn new tricks, wait their turn to perform in front of the class, wag their little tails.. so cute. At the end of tonight's class they all got to wear little graduation caps which they hated.

Edna the trouble maker

Toby watching Edna

Riley to the left and Jake below.. always smiling!


  1. Allison, this post is hilarious and so adorable! Congratuations to Toby for graduating!

  2. This is so precious! I'm sure you all are having so much fun with him, can't imagine what life will be like with a little Parker around, but won't go there yet!

  3. Toby does not look happy about Edna (what an unfortunate name for a dog). I did enjoy talking to Toby last night on the phone.