Happy Birthday Ginna!

Today is (one of my) very best friend's birthday!! Ginna turns 25 today! We have been bffs since we were 5 years old. We've gone through every stage of life together since kindergarten. Funny things happen to us when we're together.. I can't even explain it, but all we have to do is look at each other, and we know what the other is thinking. We lived together for three years.. all were great, but the last year in MD was one of the funnest years of my life and made being so far from Brian more bearable. Ginna and I make a great team. We work well together. We would be awesome at the Amazing Race. We can make anything happen. Love you, Ginna! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


  1. Awww thanks Al! :) We DO always find ourselves in the funniest situations. And I love that pic of us walking on our way to Dupont Circle. Too funny. :)

  2. The planet & moon :)

    Btw, when this picture was taken, I was on the road to MD!

  3. I think I took that picture! Maybe not...I don't remember, but I might have!

    I sure wish you two (and your other halves) would move back to DC...