Saturday at the Park

Today we went to midtown. We love Piedmont Park. Tons of people, tons of dogs, grass to lay on and relax. We used to hang out there last year and sit outside the dog park, wishing we had a dog of our own.. Then we'd go home and spend hours on searching for the perfect one. And we got him!

Toby meeting his new friends
Everyone at the watering hole

We had dinner outside at Park Tavern.
Dogs are aloud to come too :)
We weren't ready to leave, so we went back to the dog park for a bit after dinner..
And somehow while we were there, his leash disappeared! Brian had to carry him back to the car...
It was a great Saturday. One of the first in a while that we haven't been out of town or had things going on.. Very relaxing indeed!

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  1. I think I am in love with Toby and I haven't even met him yet!