Carrie's Shower!

Well it has been a long time since my last post! A lot has been going on around here... Fun friends visiting, a lot of packing (we found a great house to rent!)... and now the wedding festivities are in full gear! Did I mention that my two best friends are getting married 4 weeks a part?!? This weekend Brian, Toby, and I headed up to Oak Ridge, NC for the night for Carrie's shower. It was the first time that ALL of us had been together at once.. Dorothy, Marshall, Carrie, Andrew, Ginna, Jeff, Lucy, and us. It was a special time together and a very sweet shower for Carrie!

Here she is! The beautiful bride-to-be!!

Anna's scrumptious homemade cupcakes. YUM!

My sweet friend Emily! We realized that we will get to see each other 3 weekends in a row! After Charleston next weekend, hopefully we'll he at least 2 shades darker. :)

Me & Gin.. 13 days until your WEDDING!!!

Ginna and Lucy- the maid of honor and fabulous photographer

I love this one of Carrie introducing Andrew to people at the end of the shower. So cute!

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  1. I love that last picture--classic! Thanks for taking so many pictures! It was such a great weekend. :)