Headed to FL

It's the first full week of summer vacation, and I'm headed to the BEACH. I can't wait. All I want to do is lay in the sand and fall asleep under the sun. Sadly, Brian and Toby have to stay back. Brian has to work, and Toby isn't aloud to be around Kramer anymore for reasons we won't mention... Also, he hates the beach. As you can see, he prefers the beach chair to the sand. This was from when he was just a puppy. He hasn't been back since... Maybe if we tried again he'd like it more. I'm totally ignoring the fact that I am partially sick from my drooling and snotty 1 and 2 year olds at the private practice. I refuse to be sick in the summer. I am going and I am going to RELAX! Thanks mom and dad for living in Florida! It's a free vacation!


  1. Yeah! Have a wonderful time, give a hug to your momma!

  2. Wohoo! I'm jealous of your summer vacation! Have fun!